A player must be a paid Active member with a handicap of 40 or less.  Persons with a higher handicap may compete, but must use a handicap of 40.
Other than the Club Championship, tournaments do not require a specific number of games played in advance before a tournament.  The cut-off date for tournaments is one week before the tournament date.
                    RINGER TOURNAMENTS 
                    January through April
                      May through August
                  September through December

The Ringer Tournament is an additional game played based on 4-month period and is an optional event you may or may not participate in.  The cost is $5.00 for the 4-month period stated and is managed by the Ringer Chair.       
 When a player joins the Ringer, a yellow card will be assigned to her with her name.  All Ladies Club  events are recorded on the player's card after each event by the individual.  At the end of the particular period of time, the Ringer Chairwoman uses the lowest handicap for the player during that period and establishes the results of that 4 months.  Winners are awarded prize money from the Chair and a new Ringer event begins.
Pat Lawler is our current Ringer Chairwoman and will clarify any specific questions.



                       CLUB CHAMPIONS - 2019


              Carrie Campbell-Wood, Club Champion
Peg Bishop, Senior Champion
Lou Ann Williams, Super Senior Champion