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Explanation of Games

 ALIBI     Substitute par for 3 worst holes. PICK-A-         PACK    PicK 2 Par 5s, 3 Par 3s, and 4 Par 4s.  1/2 Handicap 
 BEST NINE  Best nine holes in uninterrupted succession -  i/2 Handicap   PINEHURST  Each player in partnership hits drive, alternate 2nd shot - decide which ball is played with one ball going into hole
 BETTER NINE Front or Back 9 - player's option - 1/2  Handicap PLAY THE
 Holes 5 through 11  - 1/2 Handicap
 BLIND NINE  Nine holes drawn after play - 1/2 Handicap POKER Low Net plus 5 best holes
 CRIERS   Subtract total of 6 worst holes from gross  score.RUSSIAN
 Each foursome plays as a team with each player assigned a number (1-4) according to handicap.  After completing hole, players proceed to next tee where a number (1-4) has been placed prior to play.  The score of the player with the corresponding number is recorded for hole just played.  One team score per hole.
 CRISS CROSS Best 9 holes of 1 or 10, 2 or 11, etc - 1/2  Handicap SCRAMBLEEach player tees off.  The best drive is then selected and player whose drive is selected plays that ball.  Others drop their balls and play from approximately the same spot.  This procedure continues until someone holes a putt.  One team score is recorded.  Average handicap.
 Best 9 holes of 1 or 18, 2 or 17, etc - 1/2  HandicapSELECTIVE
 Players select any 9 holes BEFORE teeing off.  Two Par 3's only
 ECLECTIC  Usually played as a two-day tournament .
  Best 18 holes using improved second day     scores.
  Gross minus putts
 3 Par 3's, 3 Par 4's, 3 Par 5's - 1/2    HandicapTHREE
Throw out 3 worst holes or 3 holes are drawn blind -   Full Handicap
  IF  Throw out one (1) worst hole. Full handicap3 BEST BALLS OF FOURSOME Use handicap strokes where they fall for three best balls.
 LOW NET Subtract full handicap from Gross score.TIN  WHISTLE Use handicap strokes where they fall, score points on each hole - Boggie 1, Par 2, Birdie 3, Eagle 5

 Take strokes where they fall, add number  of net pars or betterT's and F'sUse all holes beginning with T & F - 1/2 Handicap
 MUTT &  JEFF  Add scores on 5 longest  and 4 shortest holes - 1/2 Handicap2 BEST BALLS OF FOURSOME Use handicap strokes where they fall for two best balls.
 ODD OR  EVEN Use either odd or even holes - 1/2 HandicapYOUR DAY WITH THE PRO
 Each foursome playing golf with the Pro.  Low Net.
 O.N.E.S. Use all holes beginning with letters O.N.E.S. - 1/2 HandicapWALTZ
1st Hole - 1 best ball, 2nd Hole - 2 best balls, 3rd Hole - 3 best balls, then start over with 4th Hole.
PAR 5''s & PAR 3'sTotal of Par 5s and Par 3s - 1/2 Handicap  
 PAR 4'S Total - 1/2 Handicap  
Use handicap strokes where they fall for better ball 

                                                                                       PLEASE NOTE
For best ball of partners, scramble, etc., it will be the responsibility of players to sign up as a team and be certain that each player on team will participate and/or secure a replacement.