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Standing Rules

Sea ‘N Air Women’s golf Club

Standing Rules

(Revised November 2, 2017)

A.SWEEPS: These are weekly contests played every Thursday (Ladies Day) except when tournaments are scheduled. Tee times will commence at 0806. An entry fee will be collected and will be refunded only if the Sweeps Chairwoman, Rules Chairwoman or the Pro Shop halts play.

    To participate in Sweeps, you must be a member of Sea ‘N Air WGC and have a handicap based on five (5) games or more and/or a valid handicap and Index Number from another course. At least two Sweeps entrants must be in each playing group and at least eight (8) players must play to make a Sweeps.

    Guests may not enter Sweeps and must play at the end of the field. Two cards with no more than two names per card are to be kept in each group for Sweeps. A master card (recording the names and scores of all players in the group) must be kept. All cards must be checked for accuracy, signed and attested. Each group must figure its own Sweeps scores.

ACE DAY: Ace Day is the first Thursday of each month, beginning in January. This is an overall low net game. The winner each month will receive an award. A player may be an Ace winner only once in a calendar year. For ties, an eighteen-hole low net will be played off before the next Ace Day. The Sweeps Chairwoman will set the playoff date. In January, the prior year’s monthly Aces will play a net 18 holes for Ace of Aces. A tie after eighteen holes of play will be decided by play in blocks of three holes starting with hole #1 with strokes where they fall.

1.Sign Up Procedure: Sign up for starting times for the following week at the hostess table each Thursday. Members may sign up no more than one other person beside herself. Phone calls for starting times for the following week will be accepted after 3:00 PM on Thursday. Cancellation of games should be phoned in before 5:00 PM on the day preceding play.


  1. Eligibility: A player must be a paid Active member with a USGA approved handicap. Members with a higher playing handicap over 44 will be required to play down to that handicap. All tournaments other than the Club Championship do not require a specific number of games played in advance before the tournament. The cutoff date for tournaments is one week before the tournament date.
  2. Entry Fee: This should be paid to the Tournament Chairwoman by the cutoff date of the event with the exception of the Ringer Tournament (see below). Refunds after this date are at the discretion of the Tournament Chairwoman.
  3. Tournaments
    1. Spring Tournament: This is a two-day tournament played in the spring.
    2. Club Championship: This is a three-day, 54-holes tournament using  the best two 18-hole scores of the rounds played.  A player need only complete two rounds of the three scheduled days to be awarded a prize. Overall Low Gross will be the Club Champion. Equal gross and equal net prizes will be awarded in each flight.

The eligibility rules for all tournaments apply. Contestants must have participated in at least six (6) competitive games in the last one hundred twenty (120) days and have been an active member for one year prior to the entry deadline of the tournament

Any member who does not meet the eligibility rules for participation due to extreme circumstances may present in writing, one month prior to the championship, a request for a waiver. Any exception will require a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.

The competitive play includes weekly sweeps, mixed couples, Sea ‘N Air WGC tournaments, and team play when the member represents our Club.

There will be three divisions in the Championship:  an Open Division, a Senior Division and a Super Senior Division.  Any lady 70-years old or older may choose to play in either the Open Division, Senior Division but not both.  Any lady 80-years old or older may choose to play in either the Open Division, Senior Division or Super-Senior Division, but not all three.   All competitors will be formed into flights by handicaps, as usual. After the 3-day tournament is completed, the player with the lowest gross in the Open Division will deemed the Club Champion, the player with the lowest gross in the Senior Division will be deemed the Senior Champion, and the player with the lowest gross in the Super-Senior Division will be deemed the Super-Senior Champion.  Only winners from the the Open Division and Senior Division may compete in the SDCWGA Masters.

First day pairings will be made by handicap, starting with the lowest handicap entered, and proceeding upward to the highest handicap. Second and third day pairings are made within the flight by low gross scores. In the event of a tie for the Club Championship, there will be an immediate playoff in blocks of three holes. Other ties will split place money.

    1. Fall Tournament: This a two-day tournament played in September.
    2. Fisher House: This is a one-day invitational held in November.  Tournament profits are donated to Fisher House , San Diego.  Non-members with proof of current and valid handicap may be invited to compete.
    3. Member/Guest: This is a one-day, two best balls of foursome. A member may invite three guests, with proof of current and valid handicap, for her foursome. The Tournament Committee and the Board will decide fees, prizes, and dates.
    4. Christmas Fun Day: This is a one-day event to be held in December with a meeting/luncheon following.
  1. Other Events:
    1. Sunday Mixed Sweeps: This is a one-day sweeps played on the first Sunday of each month. One member of the couple must have a membership in the Sea 'N Air WGC, Sea 'N Air MGC, Admiral Baker WGC and/or Miramar WGC.  All contestants (women and men) must have proof of a valid handicap.  Couples with guests may play, providing there are tee times still available, however are not eligible to compete in the tournament.  In the event of ties, winners will split the prize money.
    2. Ringer Tournament: This is an eclectic competition in flights, in which contestants have the opportunity to improve their scores on each hole during the period of the competition. Each lasts 3 or 4 months as determined by the Ringer Chairwoman. Scores from sweeps and club tournaments only are considered. The lowest handicap of the period for each participant is used to determine the winners. The entry fee is paid at the beginning of the period.

C.  HANDICAPS: All adjusted scores at Sea ‘N Air and all other courses must be posted for handicapping purposes. GHIN determines an active handicap.

Most Improved Golfer Award: To be eligible, a player must have been a member for the calendar year and have played twelve (12) competitive games during the year on sweeps or tournament days.

D.  NON-PLAYERS, INCLUDING SPECTATORS AND CADDIES:  Non-players, including spectators, and caddies, are not allowed during sweeps and tournament competitions, unless specifically authorized by the event chairwoman.

E.  AMENDING STANDING RULES: These rules may be repealed or amended by a majority vote at any General Meeting upon recommendation by the Executive Board.