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Bylaws (page 2)

      2. Five appointed committee chairwomen: Tournament, Sweeps, Handicap, Rules, and Social.
    3. Standing committee chairwomen appointed by the President may include as needs dictate: Ringer, Historian-Publicity, Sunday Mixed, Sunshine, County Delegate, Member/Guest, County Team Captain. These Chairwomen may be requested to attend meetings in an advisory capacity but have no vote.
B. Duties of the Executive Board
    1. The entire control and management of the Club shall be entrusted to the Executive Board
    2. The President, in February and August and/or whenever she deems it necessary, shall call meetings of the Executive Board. A majority of the members of the Executive Board present shall constitute a quorum. The Executive Board members shall attend all meetings unless excused by the President.
    3. Should an elected officer other than the President vacate her office prematurely, the Executive Board will name her replacement. If the President vacates, a special election will be held to provide a replacement.
    4. All members of the Executive Board shall submit an annual report to the President before the end of the year. 
 C. Election
    1. Election of new officers shall be held at a general meeting of the Club members to be called in November. A majority vote of members present, including absentee Ballots, will elect new officers.
    2.The President shall appoint a chairwoman for the Nominating Committee in September. The Committee shall consist of the chairwoman and two other members selected by her. This committee shall nominate at least one candidate for each elective office and shall post the slate on the bulletin board by October 1. This slate will be presented at the November general meeting at which time nominations may be made from the floor.
    3. An active member unable to attend the November meeting may obtain an absentee ballot from the Nominating Committee.
    4.Officers will be installed at the general meeting in November and will assume their duties on January 1 of the subsequent year
                        ARTICLE VII – DUTIES OF MEMBERS OF
                                    THE EXECUTIVE BOARD
A. Duties of Elected Officers
    1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and Executive Board, appoint committees, be a member ex-officio of all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee. A report shall be submitted at the end of her term of office that will be filed for future reference.
     2. The Vice President shall, in the absence of or at the request of the President, assume the duties of the President. She shall serve as Chairwoman of the Membership Committee. As chairwoman of the Membership Committee, she shall meet with all prospective new members and explain dues, assessments, and eligibility to them. She shall present them to the Club at a general meeting. She shall also be the Trophy Chairwoman and be responsible for purchasing all awards, Ace of the Month, and prizes and trophies presented to members, with approval of the Board.
    3. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all general and board meetings and conduct any correspondence.
    4. The Treasurer shall keep a full account of all monies received and disburse funds as directed by the Board. She shall give a financial report at each meeting and shall submit the financial records for audit at the end of her term of office. She is responsible for the roster with the assistance of the Handicap Chairwoman
B. Duties of Appointed Committee Chairwomen
    1. The Tournament Chairwoman shall plan and conduct all tournaments and keep records of such. She will make determination as to the advisability of conducting a tournament based on weather/course condition, participation, etc. She shall prepare a calendar of events for her term of office to be approved by the Board. She shall determine the eligibility of players to compete in each event, and shall be responsible for posting information on tournaments at least one month prior to the event. She shall appoint assistants to help her.
    2. The Sweeps Chairwoman shall prepare a schedule of weekly events for her term of office to be approved by the Board. She shall be responsible for all monies and awards for these events. She is responsible for obtaining two (2) hostesses for each month and may appoint the assistant if necessary.
    3. The Handicap Chairwoman shall be responsible for all aspects of handicapping in accordance with USGA. She will audit post handicaps monthly. The GHIN system will be used. She may appoint an assistant if necessary. The Handicap Chairwoman is responsible for maintaining the roster in the GHIN system coordinating with the Treasurer.
     4. The Rules Chairwoman shall be responsible for advice on the USGA Rules of Golf and of local rules. She shall assist the Tournament Chairwoman in determining and posting rules applying to tournaments. She shall appoint a Rules Committee. The Rules Committee will be the authority to settle all dispute regarding rules.
    5. The Social/Sunshine Chairwoman shall be responsible for all social events not otherwise designated. She will keep members informed of those who are ill and their progress. She will send appropriate cards as necessary. She may appoint assistants as needed.