Mary Lakatos
Membership Chair

Eligibility for the Sea N' Air Women's Golf Club is any woman, eighteen (18) years or older, on active duty, retired dependent, or having an affiliation with a government agency.  That woman must hold a valid ID that provides base access.
Any member who loses valid ID privileges and/or base access must submit resignation in writing within three months.
New members will be oriented by the Membership Chair.  A new member with no handicap must turn in three (3) attested cards from USGA-rated course(s) to the Handicap Chairwoman to obtain a handicap, making her eligible to participate in Sweeps.
Obligation - members will serve as hostess during the year with Board Members serving only if no other members are available.
Acceptance of membership in this Club shall oblige each member to abide by all the conditions of these bylaws and the rules of the Club, and accept the decisions of the Executive Board made within its jurisdiction  This jurisdiction will include the right to suspend or expel any member who, in the opinion of the majority of the Executive Board, violates the Rules of Golf, displays unsportsmanlike conduct or behaves in an unladylike manner.
No member shall be suspended or expelled without formal charges having been made in writing and an opportunity given to such member to be heard.  The Executive Board shall have complete jurisdiction over reinstatement of any such member.
Any eligible women who wishes to join us can follow this LINK to our SCGA membership application page.  Your application will be sent to us for validation.  We will notify you when you are accepted. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.
Thank You.
Mary Lakatos
Link to Sea 'N Air Women's Golf Club Membership Signup